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Curriculum vitae

Dr. Hari Bucur-Marcu is the President of Saliste Association for Romanian Europeansim. Previously, he was  Associate Senior Fellow for Defence Policy, Office of the Deputy Director, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF).

Dr. Hari Bucur-Marcu is a retired colonel of the Romanian Air Force, since 2003. His last assignment was Chief, Defence Strategies Service within J-5, Romanian Armed Forces General Staff. During his military assignments, he contributed to democratisation of the Romanian military forces, and to the reform and modernisation of the Romanian security and defence sectors. In his capacities, he initiated institutional developments in defence planning and organisational management. He contributed extensively to the success of Romanian armed forces integration into NATO for almost a decade.

Upon his retirement from military commission, Hari Bucur-Marcu assumed several tasks related to the theory and practice of international and national development and reform, with a focus on NATO, defence institutionalisation and security sector reform, in countries from Eastern Europe, Balkans and South Caucasus.

Both at national and international levels, he was deeply involved in the conceptual and practical aspects of democratic control over the armed forces, including security and defence policy development, parliamentarian oversight of defence policies and defence policies implementation within ministries of defence.

He is the author of the book Essentials of Defence Institution Building and the first editor of Defence Management – An Introduction. He is also the author of several chapters in books and articles addressing the topics of financial planning, public information policies, training for defence policies, transparency on defence, institutionalisation of security risk assessment and other alike. Among his relevant work products is a Self-Assessment Kit on Defence Institutionalisation.

Hari Bucur-Marcu worked in an international context for more than two decades, including five years in NATO. Most of this work was related to development and governance in newly states or newly democratic regimes, some of which emerged from violent conflicts. For two years, he was Chief, Education and Training branch at the Partnership Coordination Cell at NATO, where he worked closely with 28 Partner nations in significant aspects of education and training policies.

Dr. Bucur-Marcu is the recipient of the Romanian National Order “For Merit”, recognising his contribution to Romanian Armed Forces reform and integration into NATO.

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